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Scoop the Disco Digger
Scoop is busy helping Bob and doesn’t have time to learn to dance for a special dance display.  Will he be able to turn his digging skills into disco dance moves?

Trix and the Bug
Bob is hard at work building a new cinema!  When Trix borrows the model bug used to promote the movie, The Invasion of the Giant Bug!, she becomes quite a pest to Spud!

Spud’s Statue
Bob is busy building a pavilion for the flower show where a new statue will be unveiled.  Watch what happens when Spud breaks the statue and makes a replacement using Bob’s tools!

Muck’s Surprise
Mr. Bentley asks Bob to build a summer house so he can surprise Mrs. Bentley for their 25th wedding anniversary.  Can Muck keep it a secret from Mrs. Bentley?

Skip’s Big Idea
Scoop suggests renovating the Old Mill for an art exhibition.  But when Skip tries to have a good idea like Scoop, Skip’s actions leave Bob hanging around waiting for help!



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